How do I get plan management?

Plan management is a way for NDIS participants to manage their support budget. It gives NDIS participants choice and control over the delivery of their support. Plan management includes a range of services to support NDIS participants in the budget, purchasing, and monitoring of their support. Plan management providers deliver these services.


What is Plan Management?

Plan management is an opportunity for NDIS participants to manage their support budget. The plan manager works with the participant’s NDIA-approved plan manager to ensure that the money given in the NDIS plan is spent on services approved by the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency).

What is Self-Management?

Self-management is another type of support that helps people with disabilities take control of their NDIS funding. Self-management puts you in charge of your support and allows you to choose the providers and services that best meet your needs.
With self-management, you can select the providers and services you want instead of only having the choices your NDIS plan gives you. This can help you get the help you need to reach your goals and live the best life possible.


Who is Eligible for Plan Management?

Plan Management is available to participants for whom self-management or informal plans are impossible. Participants who are eligible for  plan management include:

People who need high-level support with decision-making, including those with cognitive or physical impairments

Participants who do not have an informal network of support to assist them in managing their NDIS plan

People who have complex needs and have difficulty making decisions or managing their budget

Participants who wish to use their NDIS funds to purchase services that are not available through the NDIS marketplace

How Does Plan Management Work?

Plan management is a service that assists NDIS participants in managing their NDIS plans. It assists in collecting, allocating, and recording NDIS payments. Sunrise Plan Management helps participants develop their NDIS goals, search the market for quality services, administer NDIS payments and invoices, and provide financial reporting tools to help keep track of how funds are being used. 

Plan managers will assist in actively managing the plan and taking on the day-to-day decision-making on behalf of participants. In addition to plan management, we also offer self-management services. Our team can help you take control of your NDIS funding and choose the providers and services that best meet your needs. We can also provide guidance and support to help you navigate the complex NDIS system. 

How Do I Get Plan Management?

If you are an NDIS participant looking to access plan management services, the first step is to speak to your NDIS planner. Your planner can provide information about available plan managers and how to choose the most suitable option for you.When assessing potential plan managers, it is important to consider the provider’s credentials and experience in the NDIS. Plan management providers will have fees, and comparing rates and services between providers is important. Consider the level of service each provider offers, such as detailed financial reports or an online portal to track spending. Once you have decided, your plan manager will work with your NDIS planner to develop a plan management agreement detailing their services and fees.


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